Revolutionizing Affordable Housing and Promoting Fairness in the Rental Housing Market

The current affordable housing strategy results in a disconnect between income levels and rent payments, leading to inequitable situations. For instance, individuals with higher incomes may find themselves paying significantly more for lower-quality units compared to those with lower incomes regardless of when they entered into their tenancy agreement. This ingrained unfairness undermines proper market …

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Money Better Spent

Firstly, I support the Premier’s efforts to address the housing crisis. I believe he understands the urgency. However, he has ignored the simple truth that when the government tries to interfere with the Real Estate business, it only makes it worse. Tax deferment programs, the ALR, and other various attempts to undertake major development projects …

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Redeveloping Purpose-Built Rental Buildings

David Adelberg, CEO, Investment Development Services Group If you’re looking to redevelop your purpose-built rental building there several steps to consider, including financing, tenant relocation, zoning, and time investment. This guide provides answers to your most frequent questions. FINANCING — CAN I, AN INDEPENDENT APARTMENT OWNER, ACTUALLY FINANCE SUCH A MASSIVE PROJECT? The financing to …

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Undressing the Elephant

I should first point out that I’m not new to the Real Estate Business. Having apprenticed as a licensed residential Real Estate Agent in 1972 to an award winning commercial Broker through the early nineties and ultimately to the position of CEO for the IDS Group specializing in purpose built rental projects on behalf of …

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